Why you should decorate your own house

You may have heard that, for those who like to cook, there’s no such thing as a bad house decoration.

Well, it turns out that you could be putting your own life in danger.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of making your own home décor.

And it will probably cost you less than you thought.


Find your favourite place First, find a place that will suit you.

This might be a home, a garden, a cottage or an outdoor space that has some space.

If you want to have a more formal kitchen, consider a kitchen on a terrace.


Choose a good colour palette This can be difficult.

You want to make sure you’re choosing a colour that looks good in all lighting conditions.

Try a range of colours and try to get the right balance between them.

Try something similar to this: blue for a warm kitchen; pink for a cool kitchen; grey for a chill kitchen; green for a bright kitchen; red for a neutral kitchen.


Create a pattern to guide the decor The first thing you need to do is create a pattern.

Choose one colour or two, or a combination of colours, and stick it to the wall of your room.

Make a few copies of the pattern.

For example, you might use a pattern for a dining table, a wall clock or a wall-mounted light.

This way you can keep it all together and get the whole effect.


Create the finished pieces The final step is to assemble your house.

For a more traditional look, start by making a mould, or by carving your own wood block, which you can then glue to the side of the mould.

Alternatively, you can use a plastic sheet and glue it to a piece of cardboard.


Make the finished product After you’ve made the mould and the wood block for the wall-mount light, you need something to hang it from.

You can buy a sheet of cardboard or a piece to hang the light from.

If the cardboard isn’t large enough, you may need to cut out a section for the light and glue the pieces together.


Install the light If you’re going for a traditional look that uses traditional wooden furniture, then you need a decorative fixture that you can hang on the wall.

If your room has a lot of light, it might be best to get something like a wood table.

You might need to add some lighting to the room to give the illusion of being outdoors.

If it’s a warm room, then make sure your light is big enough to hold the table.

If there are lots of shadows in the room, you’ll need to make the light bigger so it reflects the light better.


Decorate your room The final touch is to make your home a bit more fun.

You could decorate it in a range or add a little colour to it.

Make sure you give it the right colour, shape and look.

If a little bit of light is going to be coming through the window, then it might need a bit of decoration too.


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