Why the world is living in an ‘eco-pocalypse’

From the beginning, humans have always been fascinated by nature, and for a long time, that fascination has been a fascination for humans, too. 

But the human species, like the species of animals that we all share, have been trying to cope with the ecological crisis we face, and one of the reasons we’re having a hard time adapting is that we don’t have the resources to make the adaptations we need to be able to deal with the change. 

The result is a series of environmental catastrophes, from the industrial revolution to the global warming crisis.

But despite these crises, the human race is not living in a perfect world, and the challenges facing the planet are not just a matter of the past.

There’s still plenty of time for the human world to improve its ecological performance.

It just needs to get used to living in it.

The authors of this new study, from a collaboration with the University of Arizona, suggest that in order to cope, we need some basic knowledge about how to survive, in a world that’s getting more and more polluted.

They write: There’s no reason why we can’t learn to live in an environment that’s not perfect, and then work to improve it. 

“For humans, the future of the world depends on us working to change the conditions that make life so difficult for others, so we need a framework that gives us an idea of how we can live in such a world,” says Professor Michael Sacks of the University College London. 

This paper is published in the journal Nature Communications.

_________________________________ Michael Sacks and I published our book The Earth Is Getting Dirty: How We Can Save It  in 2014.

Read more about climate change at Nature Climate Change. 

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