Which of these holiday decorations should you decorate your home with?

What to wear with a Bacheloreta party decoration? 

What to wear when you’re out with friends for the first time:A party dress: A simple dress that is easy to wear and looks good with other party attire, such as a white shirt and pants, and a matching red and blue tie. 

Bacheloretas can be worn by women and men, but a black suit is preferred. 

A pair of white shoes, or a pair of black flats.

A matching hat with a matching collar. 

Party dress:A simple white dress that’s easy to dress and looks great with other festive outfits, such a white dress, black trousers, and black shoes. 

For the occasion, you can wear a pair and/or a full length dress, but be careful to be conservative with the length. 

An easy, formal white dress. 

Be sure to keep the length to at least one inch shorter than the length of your hair. 

Your friends can wear the dress.

Party accessories:A few of these decorations can add to your decorating experience. 

Lace up a black jacket, and/ or a matching white shirt. 

Dresses with a white collar and/ toggling tie are good choices for the occasion. 

You can also decorate a pair or a full skirt. 

Wear a matching blouse with a red bow and a white tie.

A party coat with a black button collar.

Party shoes: A pair of high-heeled, comfortable shoes that look good with your favorite accessories, such black shoes and a black tie.

For the party, you could wear white or a black dress, with a small black button at the hem. 

Black accessories for the party:A black dress or black coat with matching shoes, and white gloves.

Party socks: A black or white pair of socks.

Party scarf: A white scarf with a short red border around the center.

A black hat and a blue bow.

Party gloves: A red or blue hat and matching gloves.

For your guests:A white or black scarf with matching gloves and a bow.

A pink bow and white socks. 

These decorations are a great way to make the party look a little more unique and fancy. 

They can be dressed up or down to match your party attire.

 You could add some festive flair by adding a black belt, a white belt, and some glittery sparkly jewelry to your decorations. 

Make your party extra special by adding some of these party decorating ideas to your home. 

Have you ever been in a party?

Share your photos and ideas with us!


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