What you need to know about the indie room decoration craze

The Indie Room Decoration craze is going strong, with designers and home decor stores alike claiming to have their own creations. 

Many of these home decor ideas are available on Etsy, and some are more affordable than the ones you might find on a retail store.

Some of these ideas are simple, while others are quite complicated, so if you want to see how easy these decor ideas really are, this DIY DIY guide is for you.

A DIY DIY decorating project that will inspire your imaginationThe DIY decor project pictured below uses a couple of different styles of lanterns to create a whimsical and fun decorating experience.

The ideas for this DIY decorbing project come from two different sources:  one from the designer and the other from the home decor store.

Designer-designed lanterns (left) and original lanterns (right) are both inspired by classic American decor stylesThe original lanterns are simple and inexpensive, but they’re also unique and quirky.

You can choose to decorate them with a modern twist, like a classic American lantern, or a traditional Japanese lantern, like an old-fashioned Japanese lantern.

To create the DIY lanterns in this DIY project, you’ll need two different types of lantern: a traditional lantern and a modern lantern.

Traditional lanterns like the ones pictured here were originally made to decorating kitchen cabinets and other common spaces, and they’re still used in many homes.

Traditional lanterns come in a variety of sizes, and are often available in different colors and styles.

Modern lanterns tend to be more expensive, but are also more functional.

They can be used for decorative purposes, like creating an original design for a wall, or they can be hung from a window. 

The idea for this project comes from the creative genius behind this design.

Inspired by the old-school lanterns found at the kitchen cabinets of the early 20th century, this decorating project uses a traditional lamp to create an original motif for the modern lamps shown below.

Each lantern has a different pattern and design. 

This lantern pattern can be a simple, black-and-white lantern pattern, or it can be an elaborate, colorful pattern.

Once you’ve completed this DIY lantern design, you can hang the lanterns from your window.

When you choose this DIY decoration project, be sure to follow these tips: Never try to recreate the original style of the lantern you bought, unless it’s for a specific item. 

It’s best to purchase a lantern that you like for a small amount of money, because it will last longer. 

If you’re buying a lantern from a shop, make sure to read their product descriptions carefully to make sure it’s made to the same specifications as the original lantern. 

You can decorate the lantern on the side of your house, or you can use it as a focal point. 

Decorate the lantern to the room and set it up to attract guests. 

Use an old lantern, old-timey-style lantern, antique lantern, modern lantern, or anything you can find. 

 It’ll also help to get your friends and family to decorat the room to help make the decorating more fun. 

Make sure to use a good quality, high-quality, and durable light source, like the one pictured above. 

Don’t forget to follow our tips for DIY decor projects to help create the most interesting, creative, and unique decorating projects you can. 

Follow this DIY wall decoration guide for DIY projects on the Internet’s most popular design platform, Pinterest. 

And for more DIY decor ideas, check out our DIY decor inspiration roundup, where we’re sharing some of our favorite DIY projects to inspire you to get creative with your home. Posted by TLC Design Channel TV on June 24, 2018


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