What Christmas is about to look like in 2018

For most of 2017, I was working as a seasonal event planner for an urban farmhouse in a small town in southern Wisconsin.

It’s a small, modest structure, with three stories of white-washed wooden planks and a massive, open-air fireplace that’s flanked by wooden columns and a giant, open window.

It was the kind of place you might think of for a small family holiday.

But then, on Christmas Eve, as I stood by the fireplace, the house was filled with a strange and unsettling scent that made me wonder if I had been smelling something else.

In a few hours, I would have smelled a different thing altogether.

A small, rural Wisconsin town is home to a Christmas Tree on the farm, where the locals celebrate the holidays by decorating the Christmas tree with a tree ornament, and decorating Christmas trees around the town.

The trees are the result of a partnership between the local farmers and a local company, The Forest Foundation.

The Christmas Tree is made of 100,000-year-old birch and red pine and is one of the most beautiful Christmas trees in the world.

But what was it like decorating a Christmas tree in the forest?

I had spent the day trying to figure out what it was like to be in the midst of the Christmas season, and the moment I came across this Christmas Tree, it took me back to that moment when I was 12 years old, working as the seasonal event coordinator for a large farmhouse.

In the middle of the farmhouse, the owner of the house, Richard, and his wife, Sue, were putting on a show for the guests.

Richard had built a giant wooden table for the party, and a big, colorful, red-and-white tree, which was decorated in gold leaf.

It looked like something out of a fairy tale.

The family had decorated the tree in gold, and they put it up on the wall in the dining room.

It had red and white lights and a silver ornament hanging from it, which they had attached to a red Christmas tree branch.

Richard and Sue also had carved a red- and white Christmas tree on the front lawn of the home.

This was the house where Richard grew up, and it was where his mother grew up.

But, in the middle in the house with the tree, it was hard to tell.

The only thing I could tell from the tree was that it was very tall, and had a huge tree trunk, which Richard said was the only thing standing between him and the people he loved.

I had never seen a Christmas ornament on a tree in my life.

Richard told me later that his mother had been a “very kind, quiet, quiet woman.”

The tree was not only a gift from Richard to his mother, but it was also a gift to his father, who was a “nice guy,” Richard said.

“It’s the tree that made his father happy,” Richard told the story.

But the tree had been decorated by someone else, who had been sitting in the kitchen.

The Christmas Tree at The Forest Family Farmhouse is a big tree with large Christmas decorations, and on the back is a giant tree ornament.

I started to think about Richard and his mother’s story a lot, Richard said later.

Richard was a very quiet, thoughtful person, he told me, who loved to read.

He was a really hard worker, and I could see he was going to work very hard to put up a Christmas party for his family.

Richard’s wife was a lovely person, but I didn’t think I could be his wife.

I think I had just fallen in love with Richard, I told Richard.

I thought I was dating him.

And then I realized that I was just dating a Christmas story.

I realized I could fall in love, and then fall in the snow.

Richard didn’t get over his relationship with his mother.

He stayed in touch with her throughout the year, but the Christmas Tree was his favorite.

“Christmas Tree” on the Tree of the Season, by Richard and Susan T. Martin.

So, I decided to go to the Forest Family Farms.

I went through the door, and my heart jumped, I remember thinking, this is really special, this could be a great family Christmas.

And the next thing I knew, I am standing in front of the tree with the family, I say, “Hi, this tree is the one we have chosen for you.”

And then they look up at me, and in that instant I knew I was in love.

After the party was over, I took a picture with the kids, and one of them, Richard was right behind me.

I said, “Hey, Richard,” I said.

He turned to me and said, ‘What’s that thing that you are holding up, Richard?’

I said,” I’m holding up this Christmas tree.”

Richard smiled and


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