The 10 Most Expensive Luxury Furniture Brands You Need to Know

A few years ago, a woman named Amy Mancuso came across an Instagram photo of a $20,000 luxury furniture store, The Creme Puffery, in New York City.

She posted a review, noting that the furniture was in poor condition and that the price tag was more than $100,000.

After a week, Mancu’s post went viral, garnering a flood of comments that read, “I want to buy this, it’s really cool.”

The response, she says, was overwhelming.

“People said, ‘Oh my God, that’s so expensive, it has a real sense of class,'” she says.

“It’s really about the luxury of what you’re going to get.”

So Manci, who works in the luxury furniture business, decided to put together a list of 10 of the most expensive luxury furniture stores in the world.

The list, which we’re calling the Luxury Luxury Collection, contains furniture from some of the top luxury brands like Tiffany, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, and Gucci.

In addition to the top 10, Mankiw also has a list with a few of the less expensive luxury items, including an $11,000 handbag from the $6 million Louis Vuitch Collection, a $4,000 Louis Vuichting rug from the Gucci store at the World Expo in Dubai, and a $3,000 Hermes handbag.

Mancis list of the 10 most expensive luxe furniture stores includes an $8,000 Chloé silk gown, a custom-made $3.2 million silk wedding dress, a handbag, a necklace, a silver bracelet, a dress shirt, and accessories.

In total, the list costs an estimated $120,000 to create.

The collection includes the Creme-Puffery in New Yorks, a new boutique founded by a designer who specializes in couture, as well as a luxury hotel and apartments, a spa, a private club, a restaurant, and even a spa treatment.

The boutique was launched by Louis Vuix in 2014.

The Cremes owner is Louis Vuillard, who also owns Chanel.

It’s not clear if the store is still in business.

But Mancini says the store has been a favorite of Louis Vuills, who was seen at Chanel’s launch party and at the Oscars in February.

“I think he is very, very much a part of our community,” she says of Louis.

“We love him, and we are so happy for him and his company, because we think it’s important to have that type of relationship with him.”

Mancina says Louis Vuillards influence is evident in the stores designs.

“His clothes are the ones that are the most beautiful,” she explains.

“He’s always the first one to give us a quote.

We’re like, ‘Well, this is what we should wear.'”

The Luxury Cremembrane Collection also includes two Chanel stores.

Both are in London, and both are open until midnight on the day of the premiere of the film The Princess Diaries.

“Louis is one of the first people I would want to meet in London,” Mancin says.

Minki Mancia, who owns the boutique in London called Cremades, says Louis’ influence extends beyond the designer and into his stores designs and materials.

“The designers have such a strong connection with the people, that it’s not just about their work, but it’s about the community,” Minkia says.

And Mancie says the brand’s popularity is evident around the world, especially in Asia.

“You can see it on the streets of China and Europe, because they see it in fashion stores,” she adds.

Mancha says it’s also important for designers to be authentic.

“If you look at the designers, they are so authentic, so real, and they have such respect for the community, and what they’re saying, and how they communicate,” she continues.

“And they also want to show it to people, so that’s why they’re so passionate about it.

So we see it everywhere, and it’s very beautiful.”

Manki Manchi is one designer who is very proud of her collection.

She says she has a huge respect for Louis Vuilles creations, which is evident through the art of the clothes.

“When we open up the store, we have this real sense that it is a very different place, and not so very glamorous,” she admits.

Mankia says Louis was a very close friend of her family.

“So when we opened, we felt like it was really important to bring a lot of the couture and luxury into it, because he was so close with my family,” she recalls.

“But it was also important to me, and my children, and


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