Inside the world of the U.S.S Trump signs $2.5 billion border wall and makes Mexico pay for it

A wall on the U, S. border will cost the U: $2 billion.

Mexico will pay $5 billion.

Trump is taking the money.

That will be part of his plan to get Mexico to pay for his proposed border wall, the first major foreign policy initiative he has signed on to since becoming president.

Mexico has balked at the idea of paying for the wall, saying it’s a matter of sovereignty.

Now, Mexico will have to pay what it considers a “burden” of $1.9 billion.

So the money Mexico pays will be offset by the U’s tax bill, said Mexico’s Economy Minister, Carlos Garcia Margallo.

And the rest of the money will go to the U to help fund the wall and pay for things like roads, airports, bridges and water systems.

Trump has also made clear that Mexico will not pay for the border wall itself, saying that “the wall must come first.”

And he has promised to renegotiate the NAFTA trade agreement.

It’s not clear what the U will pay, or how it would pay for a border wall that Mexico would not have to build.

It will likely be part or all of the $1 billion that Mexico is set to receive.

Trump signed the order at a time when his administration is already facing criticism over its response to Hurricane Harvey, the deadliest natural disaster in U. S. history.

The administration has not yet provided a timeline for when construction will begin.

It was unclear on Monday whether Trump would sign a revised version of the order or keep pushing forward with his original plan.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.


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