How to make a Halloween candle holder from paper

A paper candle holder made from cardboard can be made from paper, but not all the materials you need to get there are available.

That’s where a local craft supply store comes in.

The store in Westport, Connecticut, specializes in Halloween decorations and has been selling Halloween-themed products for decades.

We found the materials and tools to make our own paper candle holders, and the price was very affordable.

To make our paper candleholders, we started with paper towels.

A few towels are needed to make two candle holders and a candle holder holder, and you’ll also need scissors, a knife, a ruler, and glue.

This DIY Halloween candle holders comes with a list of instructions, so check it out for a few tips.

First, you need a good quality towel, so be sure you buy a nice, dry towel.

You can get the cheapest towels from Wal-Mart.

We chose a black and white white towel for our paper holders.

You also need a candleholder, so make sure that the candleholder is tall enough to reach the top of the candle holder.

The candles will need to be placed so that they’re facing you when you’re putting the candle holders together.

The candle holders will need a hole to hold the candles in place when they’re lit.

To attach the candles, we used a 1-inch-by-2-inch hole and a 1.5-inch circle cut in half.

You’ll need to glue the candleholders together and the hole to attach them.

This picture shows the top and bottom of the paper candleholder.

You need a couple of things to attach the paper candles to the paper holder.

First you need the paper towels you used to make the candle stands.

We used a variety of brands.

Next, you’ll need a small bowl for storing the paper cups.

The paper cups are meant to be stored upside down.

To do this, we cut a piece of plastic and then glued it to the side of the cup to hold it in place.

You may want to use a plastic sandwich bag for this, too.

Finally, you can glue the paper cup holder to the bowl.

To glue the bowl to the cup, you want to cut a 1/4-inch strip of paper, glue it onto the side, and then glue the other side of it onto that strip.

The bowl will look like this in the picture.

To finish, you will need scissors to cut out the paper and glue the bowls together.

First cut out a hole for the paper towel, then glue it to one side of each paper cup.

We decided to use our paper cups, but you can use any size paper you want.

Now glue the rest of the bowl into the paper tray.

This is how it looks when the paper holders are in place and the bowl is facing the back of the table.

The glue is on the bottom side of a small piece of paper that you can then use to hold all of the bowls and paper cups together.

This photo shows how the paper trays are attached.

To use the paper paper cups for Halloween decorations, cut out pieces of the cups to make one big paper cup for each candle holder and the paper lantern holder.

We cut the paper into a big rectangle and then used the small pieces of paper to attach these to the trays.

To put the paper candelabras on the paper coffee table, cut the bottom piece of the coffee table up into a rectangle.

Then glue the piece of cardboard on top of it.

You should end up with something that looks like this.

Now it’s time to attach all of your paper candles.

We first cut out six paper cups from a large piece of foam board.

Then, we glued the foam board to the bottom of each cup.

Once the paper has been glued on the foam, we attached the paper back to the cardboard with the glue from the previous step.

The back of each candle will look this way.

Now you can put the candles on the table, and they’ll all look nice and decorated.

Here are some pictures to show you how to make your paper candle stands: How to Make a Halloween Candle Holder from Paper This DIY paper candle stand tutorial includes a guide to make this Halloween decoration.

We use the cardboard candle holder we bought earlier to make paper paper candles for our Halloween decorations.

You will need two paper candles, two paper cups and one paper tray, scissors, glue, and paper towels for decorating.

To begin, cut three strips of paper and lay them on top a paper tray that you made for your paper lanterns.

You want the paper to be flat and flat.

Then you can cut out some small pieces to attach your paper cups to the tray.

You could use any kind of paper you like.

After you’ve cut out your paper, you should now have a little pile of paper cups ready to decorate.

The most common


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