How to make a decorative wall clock for your room

We all know how difficult it is to decorate your living room.

There are countless designs floating around the internet that are simply too simple.

But the ones that look the most appealing are the ones with a subtle but meaningful message.

That’s what our friends over at The Design Collective did for us, and we couldn’t be happier with the results.

We love these designs because they have a subtle, yet strong, message.

We thought they looked great with the black and white artwork on the walls, and they even looked really cute on the ceiling.

We loved the way they looked when you took a look at the picture above.

And because of their minimalistic nature, they’re perfect for any room.

You can use them for your office, dining room, or bedroom.

We used these as a wall clock to decorating our bedroom.

The white panels that were used for the wallpaper and the red panels that are used for texturing and background color are also perfect for wall clocks.

You’ll need to create your own white or red panels, and the pattern on the wall clock should match your wall decor.

To get started, make a simple template.

Once you’re done, you can download a copy of the pattern you made from here.

Follow the instructions for the pattern to make the white and red panels.

We didn’t have any special supplies for this project, but you can use any fabric you like.

If you want to add some more detail to the design, you’ll need a clear glue.

We made a few things from scraps of fabric that we picked up at Home Depot.

You could also add a few different colors to the patterns to give your wall clocks some personality.

And we used a mix of white and dark red because we thought it would be a nice contrast.

We’ll definitely be adding these to our wall clocks for our own use!

To make the walls of your bedroom, you need a similar pattern for the white panels, but instead of the white you’ll use the red.

You should then make two panels, one for the door, one side of the wall.

The pattern on these panels is the same as for the wall clocks you created for your bedroom.

Now that you have your wall clock design, it’s time to add the finishing touches to your room.

Start with the floor and walls.

We chose the white flooring because it’s easier to decorat a white space.

You don’t need a large white wall, just a small rectangle.

You will need a fabric that’s sturdy enough to hold the wall panels.

And don’t forget the red flooring.

It adds some subtle and interesting texture to the room.

We painted the white pieces black, but we also painted the red pieces black as well.

The red was used to give the room a little texture.

And if you want more texture, try adding some colored accenting or even a little detail like some fabric strips.

To add some details, you will need to paint the white strips and the white panel strips.

Then, you want the white fabric strips to cover the red fabric.

To make your finished room, you simply add the red panel strips, red floor tiles, and white wall panel strips to the wall pattern.

If that’s not your thing, we also included a few other decorations to help spice up the decor.

The walls of our bedroom were the hardest part of this project.

We really needed to make sure everything was right with the decorating process.

The wall clock pattern we used for this room looked great, but it was hard to create an effective wall clock with just white.

We tried some different designs on the internet and then found one that was the best.

It was the blue print, and it looked great on the white walls.

After we painted all the white, we then painted all of the red, and finally, we added some more red to the entire room.

And since everything is so simple, it wasn’t too hard to add a little more detail.

We also added some decorative items that would make your bedroom look more interesting.

We added some old bookshelves that we had on hand.

We decorated the wall with an old red lamp, and then added some gold candelabras to create a little extra sparkle.

To create some additional detail, we made a decorative rug.

We layered some carpeting on top of the rug to create some contrast.

And lastly, we finished off the room with some antique furniture that would add a nice touch.

After all of that was done, we found that the white wall and the pink flooring gave a very subtle yet very effective effect.

So you can see that the pattern we created really fits our decorating style.

And, since we chose the red and white panels as our wall decor, it was easy to find the perfect spot for these decorations.

You may find that you’re not sure which colors to use for your wall or your flooring, so we also created an online checklist


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