How to decorate a fireplace mantel

Decorating a fireplace with bird cages is the most common way to decoratively create an indoor fireplace.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to build a bird cage, paint it, and then use the bird cages as decorative wall paneling.

We’ll start by building a bird box and attaching it to a decorative wall.

Create the bird cage with a wood frame.

For this tutorial we’ll use a 4×4 wooden frame.

Make the bird box out of 3 pieces: one for the cage, one for decorative wall wall panel, and one for an aluminum door frame.

We will also use the aluminum door frames for a bird door to keep the bird enclosure in place.

To attach the cage to the decorative wall, use a glue gun to glue the metal frame to the aluminum frame.

Place the bird boxes in the center of the decorative walls and add decorative wall trim around the cage.

Attach a metal strip to the bottom of the cage so that it can be accessed.

Attache the door frame to either the bird crate or the door, as appropriate.

Attaches a metal trim around a decorative bird cage to keep it in place when closed.

Add decorative wall decoration to the bird crates and walls.

Remove the cage and trim the decorative bird boxes to fit inside the cage with the door open.

Attaching the metal strip between the bird containers and the door allows the cage door to be open when closed so that the bird can breathe and rest on its side.

Make your bird cage a decorative piece by painting and gluing it to the wooden frame or aluminum door.

Place it in a corner of your living room and add a few bird crates or wall panels.

Use your favorite paintbrush and paint around the bird parts to create the illusion of a bird enclosure.

Add bird-themed decorations to the wall panels as well as a door frame for decoration.

Create a bird sanctuary by attaching a metal door frame and bird cages to your fireplace mantels.

Place a decorative firewood on top of the firewood and make sure to fill it with bird feathers.

Place bird cages on top and sides of the fireplace mantles to create a bird-filled interior.

Enjoy a birdhouse for a few hours while you wait for your baby to emerge from its mother’s womb.

Happy building!

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