How to create a new look at your home with this DIY

source The Sports Bible title DIY Home Decorating Guide article The Sports Book, available now, has a comprehensive collection of DIY home decor ideas, as well as helpful advice for anyone wanting to take a stab at creating their own home decor.

Here’s a look at some of the most popular ideas.


Paint your walls with black paint and silver paint to create an illusion of light and color.


Paint over your bed, couch, and other furniture to make it look like it’s floating in space.


Paint the walls to create room for a table, bookshelf, or other objects.


Paint a large window on the outside of your home to make the house look like you’re watching television.


Use a black-and-white paint brush to create subtle shadows that highlight the different areas of your house.


Use the white paintbrush to add subtle colors to the inside of your walls.


Paint on a floor tile to add some texture to the floor and create a cozy home atmosphere.


Paint under your furniture to create decorative details that will make your home feel more like a living room.


Add a small lamp to your ceiling so that it looks like it is floating in the air.


Use spray paint to add a subtle shine to your wall art.


Add some white trim to the ceiling to create that airy feeling you get when you’re hanging out at the pool table.


Add decorative pieces to the outside walls to add the finishing touch to your home.


Add the most colorful wallpaper in your home so that everyone is treated to an authentic Christmas color.


Paint an archway with some glitter to add sparkle and shine to the whole home.


Paint two walls to make a living-room-type effect.


Add white and black fabric on the ceilings of your living room so that you can add a little extra character to the room.


Paint decorative artwork on your floor to add fun and sparkle to your living space.


Add an accent piece to the kitchen so that your guests will love the idea of you making an ice-cream cone to decorate the front of your kitchen table.


Add more decorative elements to your kitchen and add some glitter on the counters.


Paint walls in different colors to create your own Christmas-themed home.


Add glitter to your windows to create some Christmas lights and decorate your home’s windows.


Paint and fill in your fireplace with gold, silver, or blue glitter so that they shine in the dark.


Add lightbulbs and reflectors to your fireplace to add color to the house.


Add snow on the ground around your house to create snowmen ornaments.


Paint Christmas lights on your fireplace so that the house becomes a snowman’s nest.


Paint snowflakes around your home in different shades of red, blue, and yellow so that all your neighbors will be happy.


Add small snowflake-shaped pieces to your roof to create winter wonderland.


Paint colorful lights on the windows so that people can see how magical Christmas can be. 29.

Paint glitter on your windows so you can enjoy the night sky at night.


Paint bright red, white, and blue lightbulb clusters on the ceiling so they sparkle in the darkness.


Paint large snowflake-shaped lights around your porch so that guests can see what it’s like to go inside the house on Christmas Eve.


Paint ice cream cones in various colors so that customers will have a great Christmas surprise.


Paint several colorful lights to decorates the front and back of your dining room table so that every guest will feel like a family member.


Add sparkles and sparkles to the sides of your bathroom so that everything feels like it has a festive touch.


Add ice cream decorations to your shower head so that visitors will get a real treat on Christmas Day.


Add lights to your window to add light to your dining and living rooms.


Add red, yellow, and white Christmas lights to the windows of your car so that Christmas is right around the corner.


Add decorations to the top of your bedroom so that everybody feels special and can relax and enjoy a special holiday treat.


Add festive decorations to windows so guests can watch a movie or television show at the same time.


Add Christmas decorations to window sills to create decorations that can be easily turned into a fireplace.


Add holiday lights to a wall in your living-space so that no one will be able to see through it without opening a window.


Add bright lights to windows to add shine to any room of your apartment.


Add colorful glitter and white glitter to the tops of your windows.


Paint white Christmas trees on the tops and sides of windows to make your


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