‘Happy Birthday’ Christmas decorating in South Florida

The holiday season is underway, but not everyone is celebrating the festive season.

It’s a sentiment shared by many in the Sunshine State, where a new Christmas decoration is up for grabs in South Miami-Dade County.

As Christmas Day approaches, a new trend has emerged on the streets of South Florida, which celebrates the birthday of the famed Christmas tree.

There are some good reasons to celebrate the birthday on Dec. 24.

It’s the nation’s largest holiday, and it marks the first full day of the year without the cold, flu or heat.

And for many people, it’s a chance to decorate their home, with colorful and unique Christmas decorations.

But not everyone in the state is celebrating.

Some are opting for the tradition of decorating their homes with decorations from the 1800s.

But others are choosing to make their home a bit more festive, with a little more fun.

Some are even opting for an “Easter egg” on their home in the tradition.

A local news station in Florida has been sharing photos of the Christmas decorations on social media, and they look like they are from around the world.

While they are not the original, they are a nice touch to your holiday decorations.

There are many different Christmas decorators to choose from, and many of them come from all over the world, and some are even from South America.

The decorators on display include Santa, Santa Claus, and more, and while the decorations look pretty much the same, they vary in style.

You can even see Santa dressed up in his finest.

But it isn’t just the decorations that have a flair to them.

Many of the decorations are decorated with glitter, which can make it even more festive.

“There are so many different types of Christmas decorations that it’s hard to choose one,” said Mary Lynn Gee, an author of the book “Christmas in America: Celebrating a Forgotten Holiday in a Global Economy.”

“I have had so many ideas of what to decorating my home with.”

Gee has been doing Christmas decoratings in her home for the past 25 years.

She said there are hundreds of Christmas decorator styles, with the decorators she uses being diverse and unique.

“The Christmas tree is the most iconic, but there are other types of decorations, like carols, traditional holiday songs, and Christmas lights,” Gee said.

“I find that people who like the style of decor are also drawn to the idea of making their home into a little bit of a holiday town.”

Gees favorite Christmas decorations are the Christmas tree, the tree with the wreath, the Christmas story, and the Christmas cookies.

“I like to do a lot of custom decorations,” she said.

So, when choosing a Christmas decor for your home, Gee suggests choosing a style that is not only a touch different, but also has something fun to do.

Gee also likes to use a few of her decorations, which she has purchased from local vendors, and put them in her kitchen for decoration.

And she also likes adding decorations on the side, or on top of the table, which is another tradition.


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